The Nursing Program is designed and prepared to offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) that started in 2006-2007. The program of nursing is committed to equity in academic policies, practices, and supports diversity in learning, teaching and work environments.

This program will educate undergraduates to provide safe, competent and compassionate nursing care that is grounded in theory and professional standards. The students will be prepared to practice nursing work collaboratively with individuals, families, groups, and communities in a variety of health settings such as critical care, public health, mental health, nursing management, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and nursing research; to seek optimal health and well-being of all clients.

Nursing program objectives

1. Promote questioning and critical approach to the art and science of nursing

2. Demonstrate a questioning approach to learning.

3. Apply theoretical principle and management.

4. Evaluate inquiry/ research and its application to practice.

5. Accept responsibility for teaching and guiding offers in various sitting.

6. Participate in community health program activities.

7. Apply Islamic rules in giving nursing care.

8. Analyze the use of professional code of conduct as guideline.

The bachelor’s program targets students who have recently graduated from high schools. This program has many advantages, as the program is characterized by low fees compared to other colleges in the same field. It also depends on the practical side, which represents 60% of the program.
The transfer of a student from outside the college may be accepted under the following conditions:

1. The student should have studied at a recognized college or university.

2. The student must not have been dismissed from that university for disciplinary reasons

3. The student must satisfy the transfer conditions, as determined by the College Council.

The College Council evaluates the courses that were taken by the student outside the University. The courses evaluated as equivalent are recorded in the student’s academic transcript but are not included in the calculation of her cumulative GPA.

If it becomes evident, after a student’s transfer, that the student was dismissed for disciplinary reasons, her enrollment is considered cancelled from the date of acceptance of her transfer to the college.

The Bridging Aspirations Program targets female workers in the public and private health sector and graduates of technical diplomas (nursing) who want to develop and then excel and succeed at the three different levels (academic, professional, and personal).