Peace, mercy and blessings of God

We are pleased to welcome on Al-Riyada College of Health Sciences website.

The College was established as one of the first private colleges in the Kingdom in the field of nursing, with two clear goals:

First: the severe need for female workers in the nursing profession 
Second: help eliminate a problem Unemployment for girls in the western region.
 Work began at the college at the highest academic level, in cooperation with Queen Margaret College of Nursing in Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
 which is one of the oldest and most important nursing colleges in the world, where they had a primary role In developing and approving curricula, 
as well as participating in annual exams and teaching throughout the year. This resulted in high-level graduates in the nursing profession.
 Many of them have sent to Queen Margaret for master's degrees and have returned to work as a faculty, and the bridging system was introduced in recent years.
 It allows holders of a nursing diploma to apply to complete their studies for another two years to obtain a Bachelor of Nursing.
 Dozens of female workers in the public and private sectors have joined this program, and the college administration intends to start receiving male students in the same
 field and that after the completion of the new college buildings in the Riyadh neighborhood north of Jeddah. Which allows for the acceptance of larger numbers of students 
and students, we hope, God willing, that this will be at the beginning of the next academic year