Postponement and dropping out of school:

A student may submit a request to postpone the study for an excuse accepted by the College Board, provided that the postponement period does not exceed two consecutive academic semesters or as a maximum of three non-consecutive semesters, then her enrollment shall be closed after that, and the College Council may, in case of necessity, make an exception from that.
If a student stops studying for two semesters without requesting a postponement, her registration will be closed from the college, and the college council may terminate the student’s registration.


Transfer from another university or college:

The transfer of a student may be accepted from outside the college according to the following rules: –

A- The student must have studied at a recognized university or college.
B- Not to be dismissed from the university or college from which it is transferred, for disciplinary reasons.
T – to meet the transfer conditions specified by the College Board.


Course equivalency:

The college council equates the courses that the student has taken outside the college, and the courses that have been equated are recorded in the student’s academic record, and they are not included in the calculation of her GPA.

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