Alriyada College is keen on its graduates with interest not less than the female students who are still in the study seats through its database, which occurs periodically and provides a lot of services and support starting from the delivery of graduation certificates and the verification service that some employers require from applicants for employment, help and support to get a job Suitable for their specialization through partnerships with the target authorities to employ them and automatically qualify them as graduates to obtain discounts and offers from our partners’ stores, as well as highlight their success stories through their website and invite them to attend the college’s scheduled events throughout the year and share with them all new scientific and academic research in their field of specialization.

The role of the faculty is not limited to that, but also makes questionnaires for female graduates who have obtained employment opportunities to closely identify the needs of the labor market to study them and adopt what is appropriate for them in theoretical and applied subjects in the future curricula of new applications.

Nursing graduates – Alriyada College for Health Sciences