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Alriyada College for Health Sciences

We have the most recent approaches used in teaching the humanities medical sciences, which are based on teaching with evidence
and she is the pioneer and one of the first to use this modern scientific method.

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The college offers a nursing curriculum that is one of the most recent approaches used in teaching the humanities medical sciences and is based on evidence-based teaching. It is the pioneer and the first to use this modern scientific method.

The distinctive feature in the nature of the offered curriculum is the homogeneity and overlap between basic medical sciences and humanities and then applied nursing sciences, and this is evident in the study plan prepared for this program as some advanced subjects aim to embody this homogeneity. The curriculum also devoted a percentage of hours to developing the capabilities of the future career student to which the practicing nurses would advance after a period of clinical work, such as administration in nursing or education for all relevant groups.




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History of Alriyada College

The College of Health Leadership was established based on a study conducted by the Economic Department of the Emirate of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region. It shows the urgent need for the Saudization of the health sector and nursing in particular.
Taking into account the Kingdom’s need for nurses with a bachelor’s degree, Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Irfan and his partners decided in 2006 to establish the Entrepreneurial College of Health Sciences with a number of major hospitals.

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    Dalia Mohamed Kousa

      Director of the Patient Education and Health Department at King Abdullah Complex in Makkah Say Alriyada College is the cornerstone of what I have reached from the position now, as it has given me a lot to start my career path All the challenges and hardships I went through contributed to Sicily  

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