Bachelor program for high school graduates:

The program is designed over a period of five years. In the first semester of the first year, the student studies basic English and Chinese language courses and courses beginning, the beginning of the first semester of the first year by studying nursing and practical training courses in hospitals.

After the end of the fourth year, the student begins clinical training (internship year) after completing all the fourth-year subjects, in accordance with the education and training instructions.

The internship year is 52 weeks long, and the student is subject to the Health Stage Authority exam to qualify for the labor market after successfully passing this test.



  • She must have a high school diploma (the scientific section) or from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  • The percentage obtained by the student in the high school exam and the tests determined by the measurement center
  • And the calendar commensurate with the requirements for admission to the college.
  • Have you ever completed five years of schooling? Exceptions to this condition may be specified when there are compelling reasons.
  • To be medically fit.
  • To pass the personal exams or tests determined by the College Board.
  • To be a full-time student.
  • That you fulfill other conditions determined by the College Board and announced at the time of application.


High school graduates:

The high school average (scientific section)  80% and above
Qudurat  60% and above
Tahsili  60% and above


Bachelor Program for Graduates of Nursing Diploma and Midwifery Diploma:

The program targets nurses with a diploma in nursing and working in the health sectors who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree. And the study plan is determined after equivalency of diploma subjects.


Admission criteria for diploma graduates:

  • To have a diploma in nursing, after high school, in 1986.
  • She must have a high school diploma (the scientific section) and pass the qualifying program is required if the student is from the literary section.
  • Pass the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in Nursing exam and be valid upon joining the college.
  • More than that increases the exception value in the exception to this condition.
  • That the general average of the female student in the undergraduate or diploma program is not less. In the case of obtaining an average of less than good in obtaining a passing, an additional semester.
  • To be fully devoted to study.
  • That the student has passed one of the standardized tests for English language proficiency and obtained a score of no less than 425 in the paper-based TOEFL test (PBT), or what is in the other tests as follows:


TOEFL Computer-based Exam CBT  113
TOEFL iBT internet-based Exam  iBT 30
TOEFL paper-based test TOEFL  425
Competency Test  STEP  68


Internship Year:

The Internship Year is a mandatory training year for nursing students after completing the study period, and it is a prerequisite for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the College of Health Leadership. They are also the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The internship period in the Internship Year is 52 weeks focusing on practical training in terms of size and hospital diversity.