Privacy Policy

Al Riyada College for Health and Sciences is perceptible of the importance of your privacy and data, therefore, we implement to keeping all critical data and information confidential of all visitors. We’ve, carefully, build up our policy to illustrate the following:

Users Data Collection

Once you visit Alriyada Web Site, our servers automatically get your IP address (The IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network, but without identifying the user.)

Links to Other Websites and Online Third Parties

The privacy policy applies to the Al Riyada College for Health and Sciences only. When transferring to another website through (, you should carefully read their privacy policy to know how information security and privacy procedures are followed there.

Agreement on the Privacy Policy

By Browsing the Alriyada college web site means you accept the privacy policy, and regulations .If you do not agree on this policy, you should not use any of Al Riyada web site services and information’s.

Types of Collected Data

Cookie Files

We may save Cookie Files on your computer when you visit our web site first time. Cookie files are a kind of data that helps specify you as a user. Most browsers accept cookies as a default. You can reset your browser to not accept all cookies, or to notify you before. If you don’t save the cookies may be some of our services might not work properly.

Personal Information

The Al Riyada College for Health and Sciences retrieves your information of the national ID, job and education, and other information available on the Al Riyada HR Portal store such information.

Al Riyada have main principles and general rules of the protecting of personal data, in addition to the main principles and general rules of data sharing.

The Purpose of Collecting Data

Using the IP address helps us solve any problems arising on our servers, including statistics about the utilization.

Protecting Personal Information

Your information may be made available to government officials, in the exceptional circumstances that this need should arise, however, it will never be made available to the public without your prior consent. Additionally, this information will not be circulated, exchanged or sold to any party without your prior consent. Our technical staff is only permitted to handle this information to provide such services of GOV.SA Platform as are consistent with your needs. There is Freedom of Information and Protection of Private Data Law under review by the Al Riyada lawful team.