The curriculum that is offered by RCHS for health sciences is considered the latest curriculum in teaching the medical sciences and humanities which depend on evidence based teaching.
What is distinctive about the curriculum is the identity and the interference between the basic medical sciences and humanities then the applied nursing sciences which is obviously clear in our study plan which is prepared for this program as the provided courses aim to improve the identity.
The program also includes a percentage of teaching hours to develop students’ skills in future which most nurses acquire after clinical work experience like administration in Nursing and education for all the related categories the fourth year study plan focuses on the importance of the scientific research and the use of the quantitative and the qualitative methods needs to be statically analyzed.
The college insures that each student must have the chance in the research experience which extends to two semesters ends up with the graduation seminar.
The study plan is a road map of the courses that a student must complete in an organized manner. The purpose of the study plan is to clearly define a student’s path to the degree. Study Plan is tailored by planning ahead with an understanding of the degree’s requirements. It is used to ensure that students pursue meaningful, cohesive studies in line with the requirements of the program and the College.
The academic year is divided into two regular semesters and, if available, one summer session that is usually half of the time period of a regular semester. The degree requirements necessary for graduation are distributed across different levels, according to the degree plan.

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