Nursing is the beating heart of health services and it is one of the noble human specialties that are indispensable in all hospitals and specialties, and it is one of the most important specialties in the medical team due to its great importance in caring for patients and taking their hands until a full recovery is made and comprehensive health care is provided to the patient from the moment he enters the hospital and coordination with the team To save the patient’s life and provide the necessary care to help him recover, reduce physical and psychological suffering, raise the patient’s health to the highest level, regardless of his color, gender, or job, and stay ready to provide assistance at any time.

The nurse is also the doctor’s right-hand man and the patient’s confidence when wanting to communicate to know his health condition, so he always prefers to deal with the nurse. The work of the nurse is not limited only inside the hospital, but extends to education about good health care inside or outside the home. One of the most important features of the nursing profession is to do a noble job that has a high position before obtaining the material benefit from this work. This profession also includes a set of medical and moral skills to deal with the patient with all kindness and respect without boredom or fatigue and endure the pressure of work with open arms, it is a profession suitable for those who have the desire to help others, as well as medical colleges rely on foundations and health principles that would qualify health cadres able to broadcast Humanity in the nursing profession and spreading hope and smiles to patients. With the tremendous scientific progress and development, universities have graduated qualified students to carry out health care to the fullest and provide the community with distinguished care within standards and principles related to the prevailing social systems to raise the level of the profession.