Student Activities

Activity plan for the second semester 2015

 Activity Day:

Will be held on 21.02.2015 AD and it will include an entertainment trip for the students.

Defense Day:

Will be held on 03.10.2015 AD.  The day will focus on increasing awareness of disaster prevention and the importance of its prevention.  Explanation of how to maintainsafety measures in the current location will be discussed as well as ways to disseminate safety in the community.

Corona virus:

Will be held on 14.04.2015 AD.  it will focus on ways of preventing infection of Corona virus and  dealing with infected patients.

International Nurses Day:

Will be held on 12.05.2015 AD.  It will focus on the awareness of the importance of the profession of nursing,  its role in helping patients and nurses and  the achievements and difficulties faced by the nursing profession.