Admission Criteria & Requirements

·         The applicant should have earned herScientific Secondary School certificate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or an equivalent certificate from outside the Kingdom.


·         The student’s grade average in the Secondary school examinations and the examinations of the aptitude and assessment center meets the college’s required grade average.


·         The applicant should have obtained the scientific Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent no more than three years prior to her application. However the College Council may waive this condition as it deems appropriate.


·         The applicant should have a certificate of good conduct.


·         The applicant must be medically fit.


·         The applicant should successfully pass any examinations or interviews deemed necessary by the College Council.


·         The applicant must be a full time student.


·         Applicants must have the Guardian’s consent.


·         The applicant must satisfy any other requirements specified by the College Council at the time of application.


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